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Introducing the CNSSNZ Committee 2022-2023

Updated: Feb 20

President - Bev Hopper

Past President - Lara Gleeson

Secretary - Nora Whelan

Secretary Elect - Elly Webber

Treasurer - Tracey Kunac

Membership - Amanda Foster

Newsletter - Michelle Patu

And our newest member

Committee - Matt Broadway-Horner

Matt has arrived from the UK to work as a CNS for the acute west team. Previously he worked a Nurse Consultant in mental health & psychological therapies in the UK for 12 years. More recently he set up the critical response call helpline for the British Association of Critical Care Nurses (BACCN) at the start of the COVID 19 pandemic using psychological first aid to help frontline staff and is a senior clinical advisor for the COVID research panel set up by Hull and Durham universities. He is passionate to move away from bio medical only models of care; embracing instead the bio-psycho-social model of assessments, treatment, implementation and evaluation of care.

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