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National Health Targets announced today

National Health Targets

Dr Shane Reti has announced the reintroduction of health targets this will impact most if not all of our roles across Aotearoa.

The areas are in line with what the Government had previously indicated and are ones we already measure.

The five Health Targets are:

  • Faster cancer treatment: 90% of patients receive cancer management within 31 days of the decision to treat.

  • Improved immunisation: 95% of children fully immunised at 24-months of age.

  • Shorter stays in emergency departments (ED): 95% of patients admitted, discharged or transferred from an ED within 6 hours.

  • Shorter wait times for first specialist assessment: 95% of patients wait less than 4 months for a first specialist appointment.

  • Shorter wait times for elective treatment: 95% of patients wait less than 4 months for elective treatment.

The Minister said the timeframe to achieve these targets is 2030, and he acknowledges the wider difficulties the health system is facing in terms of workforce, aging populations and other associated pressures such as infrastructure.

He has also said that achieving these targets will be challenging, but I know we are all committed to continuing to drive improvement for New Zealanders. Many of us recall the last time we had National Health Targets from which we have many learnings to inform our approach this time around.

The Health Targets come into effect from 1 July. The first report will be produced at the end of Q1 (towards the end of October).

Source: Health NZ -Te Whatu Ora communication from Margie Apa CEO Te Whatu Ora

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